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viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

ABC de la Sepsis

Sepsis is a complex condition with a range of aetiologies. Whilst appropriate early intervention has been shown to improve outcome, its recognition and immediate management remain a challenge to healthcare workers.
This book is aimed primarily at doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working in secondary care. It will be most relevant to those working in acute specialities, highlighting the need for prevention where possible, for vigilance, for an immediate response, and for effective collaborative working across disciplines to achieve the best standard of care for these patients.
The diversity and extent of sepsis demands attention by all, however, and those working in primary care may find value too–particularly in causation, pathophysiology and recognition. With increasing resources devoted to pre-hospital emergency care, and widening scopes of practice of paramedical staff, some aspects of immediate diagnostic and therapeutic interventions are becoming increasingly relevant outside the hospital environment. We hope that you find the ABC of Sepsis not only of educational value but also a pragmatic guide to how to manage these patients in your place of work.
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